Optometric Clinical Procedures - Caroline Pate

Optometric Clinical Procedures

By Caroline Pate

  • Release Date: 2017-01-18
  • Genre: Textbooks

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This clearly illustrated atlas offers straightforward, step-by-step descriptions of refractive, binocular, accommodative nand pre-testing procedures. Over 30 instructional videos are featured.
Preliminary Testing; Visual Acuity; Ocular Dominance; Pupil Testing; Extraocular Motility; Confrontation Visual Fields; Sphygmamometry; Color Vision; Stereopsis; Interpupillary Distance; Refractive Error Assessment; Keratometry; Retinoscopy Using Schematic Eyes; Retinoscopy Using Lens Racks; Retinoscopy Using Cylinder Lenses; Introduction to the Trial Frame; Refraction; Demonstration of the Finalized Spectacle Prescription; Introduction to the Phoropter; Retinoscopy Using the Phoropter; Cycloplegic Testing; Vectographic Refraction and Other Testing; Turville Infinity Balance; Clock Dial; Stenopaic Slit; Binocular Vision Assessment; Hirschberg, Brückner and Krimsky; Cover Test; Von Graefe Phorias; Worth 4 Dot; Maddox Rod; Near Point of Convergence; Vergence Testing; Graphical Analysis; Accommodative Testing; Donder’s Amplitudes of Accommodation; Minus Lens Amplitudes of Accommodation; NRA/PRA; Accommodative Facility; Fused Cross Cylinder; Dynamic Retinoscopy with MEM; Presbyopia Testing.