Scheherazade - J R C Salter


By J R C Salter

  • Release Date: 2017-05-01
  • Genre: Fairy Tales, Myths & Fables

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The Sassanian Empire is ruled by a ruthless King who marries a different woman every night and orders her execution the next morning. With the population running thin of potential brides, Ismail is tasked with finding the new queen.
So when his own daughter offers to marry the king herself, Ismail is horrified. She has a plan, though. She can save herself. She can save her father. And she can save every woman who still draws breath in the Empire. And it all begins with a story.
A retelling of the classic series in a modern style. Comprising all one thousand-and-one nights, this series will be published in volumes collecting either single stories, or compilations of shorter works.