The Romans and Their World - Brian Campbell

The Romans and Their World

By Brian Campbell

  • Release Date: 2016-04-26
  • Genre: Ancient

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A concise and accessible account of one of the largest, longest-lasting, and most influential empires in world history, ancient Rome. 
This one-volume history of the Roman world begins with the early years of the republic and carries the story nearly a thousand years forward to 476, when Romulus Augustus, the last Western Roman emperor, was deposed. Brian Campbell, respected scholar and teacher, presents a fascinating and wide-ranging introduction to Rome, drawing on an array of ancient sources and covering topics of interest to readers with little prior background in Roman history as well as those already familiar with the great civilization.
Campbell explores several themes, including the fall of the republic, the impact of colorful and diverse emperors on imperial politics, the administrative structure of empire, and the Roman army and how warfare affected the Roman world. He also surveys cultural and social life, including religion and the rise of Christianity. Generously enhanced with maps and illustrations, this book is a rich and inspiring account of a mighty civilization and the citizens who made it so.
“A lucid survey of Roman history.” —Adam Kirsch, New Yorker
“One of the great joys of Campbell’s unfailingly readable account is the readiness with which it returns to the Roman record, drawing on ancient sources to give a lively and immediate feel for Roman life and culture.” —Michael Kerrigan, Scotsman
“[Campbell] masterfully discusses military affairs (as expected from this scholar) . . . Excellent translations of ancient sources enliven the text. . . . Rare will be the scholar who also does not learn from Campbell.” —P.B. Harvey Jr., Choice