Queen of the Damned: The Complete Collection - Kel Carpenter

Queen of the Damned: The Complete Collection

By Kel Carpenter

  • Release Date: 2020-01-20
  • Genre: Fairy Tales, Myths & Fables

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“So, is this where you finally tell me who you are and why you’re following me?” They didn’t look at each other, but each of their faces was set in grim determination.
“I am Pestilence,” Rysten said.
“I am Famine,” Allistair followed.
Devil save me.
“I am Death,” Julian continued in a cool tone. It should have clicked with me sooner.
“My name is Laran, and I am War,” the fourth and final one said.
They didn’t continue because they didn’t need to. I knew who they were. Every demon in both worlds knew who they were.
“You’re the Four Horsemen,” I whispered.

~ . ~ . ~

We’ve all heard the story of the Four Horsemen. Harbingers of the apocalypse. Destruction given form. Four of the sexiest—wait no—forget that. You get my point.

So imagine my surprise when I find out everything I’ve ever been told, is a lie.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves here. Let’s start from the beginning. My name is Ruby Morningstar. I run a tattoo parlor in Portland with my bestfriend, have a pet raccoon, a crazy ex that stalks me, not to mention this one little thing… I’m a demon. Half-succubus, to be exact. For the last twenty-three years of my life, that’s the story I believed, but on the day a handsome stranger bails me out of jail my world is turned upside down, and suddenly I don’t know who I am anymore.

Because the Four Horsemen aren’t the bringers of the apocalypse.

I am.

Talk about never catching a break.

*This is an adult paranormal romance series with multiple love interests and a strong but relatable heroine. This series is incredibly funny, sexy, and fast-paced--but it can also be dark at times. If you need a trigger warning, then this probably isn't the series for you. If you can handle some grit in your stories and enjoy reading authors like Raven Kennedy, Tate James, Kristy Cunning, Ivy Asher, Sadie Moss, and Eva Chase, then one-click now!*

This omnibus contains:
1. Lucifer's Daughter
2. Wicked Games
3. Infernal Desires
4. Brimstone Nightmare
5. "A Day in the Life of Bandit" Short Story