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  • Nice build up to the finale

    By SpyderBite36
    Sanderson took the series which Jordan was slowly drowning with too much detail and endless chapters; and returned the books back to the action packed series of adventure, politics and magic! I'm looking forward to the final installment in January with bittersweet anticipation.
  • To all the trolls out there....

    By Shae'en M'taal
    These books have been my literary life for about four years now. Literally, I have read about ten books outside the series in that four years and its been pure joy reading the series from start to finish, then doing it again and again each time finding things I missed or making connections that I didnt make before. This book was no exception to the train of excellence that rides under the WoT banner, despite the slight deviations from the voice of Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson, aided by Robert Jordan's wife Harriet, did a magnificent job of keeping the story and characters in the epic line that the books have followed so far. I have been going through the comments for a lot of the books here on iTunes and was astonished to see so many people complaining that the books were slow. Many people complained about excessive detail, or not much happening besides character development, even a general "not enough action". The people who wrote these reviews are quite obviously not frequent purveyors of the grand epics of our time. Stories where entire worlds with established culture and histories are created as if they had been in place of our reality, stories such as the Tolkien's Lord of the Rings or Herbert's Dune. A world of a story requires a world of details, and the Wheel of Time series is most definitely a world of a story. It is on such a grand scale that it REQUIRES a staggering amount of detail to even become a cohesive whole. If you cannot stand the intensive story then I suggest two things: 1. go and start reading young adult fiction, things like Animorphs or Redwall. Those are great stories but are meant for a less appreciative audience. 2. dont post about something as amazing as this and say things that required the attention span of a rogue Dragonsworn to think up.
  • Great

    By protzy09
    Sanderson did a great job on these books. They are, in my opinion, more engaging than the previous books because he doesn't get bogged down in details but rather provides a lot more action and adventure. Great job sir.
  • Awesome

    By Mexmat512
    Awesome. Amazing. Do not want to harm anyones feelings but for me Sanderson has done great job in retelling Jordan, even better than the master himself.
  • Towers of Midnight

    By fairygodmother55
    Amazing book, could not put it down. Can't wait to read the ending after years of immersion in the WOT world.
  • A masterpiece!

    By Merphstir
    Can't wait to read the final book,
  • Not as good as I hoped

    By Jon Stark
    First of all, I thought Sanderson did a pretty good job with the previous book, taking over for Jordan. And I really liked his first Way of Kings book, I think it's going to be an excellent series. Mistborn trilogy? Very well done. So I really like Sanderson as a writer. But so much of this book felt so tired, rehashed bits of Jordan, but without Jordan's gifts, in other words like the worst parts of Jordan were summoned, not the best parts. It feels more like an ethereal ghost of a book instead of the actual thing. Some good stuff in it, but unsatisfying. Sanderson doesn't quite have the voices of some if the major characters right, particularly Mat. Perrin and Faile continue to bore the stuffing out of me, as does Elayne. There's actually a lot that happens in about the last third if the book, but I found it a tough slog to get there. Now I'll read the final book because I feel like I have to, not because I want to, and that's a shame.
  • Awesome

    By CamBeeler
    I've reread the series once again to place the book in proper context. I was a bit concerned that a new author just wouldn't be able to pull it off seamlessly. Sanderson actually did an amazing job of recombining the many threads of this story in a mature and credible way. This is now my favorite WOT book to date. Credit to Jordan for complete plot development. Credit to Sanderson for amazingly aggregating the many threads in an effective and immensely satisfying read!!!
  • Finally

    By Mr Austrian
    Aft sooooo many books we are finally getting a glimpse on how it will end. Yes there are still some loose threads but he is bringing a lot of closure in this book. And he is doing it in great way. Could not put my iPad down after I started to read. I loved how Rand seems to be growing up. If you got this far with this series this is a must read. One of the best books of the series.
  • EPIC Reborn

    By Egal Sindar
    Hats of to Sanderson!! Heroic at carrying the torch beyond expectations. Jordan would be proud. Life imitates the story as fate brings Sanderson's fingers to weave new life into the series in a way that you could almost believe Jordan planned it that way.( from a perspective he did) The book solidifies the characters to another level, and becomes a strong stepping stone in the never-ending dream that spirals up like a Ogier staircase, almost at the top. One more step to go...