Galápagos - The Open University & Dr David Robinson


By The Open University & Dr David Robinson

  • Release Date: 2012-12-13
  • Genre: Life Sciences

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The islands of the Galápagos archipelago, with their unique flora and fauna, are of enormous scientific interest. Being very fragile it is important to plan a visit with care. This book from the Open University will take you there virtually, so that you can explore the wildlife of the islands as an introduction to their scientific and historical importance. The book is not a conventional prose text, but instead is a "video concept book", using a rich mix of video resources and questions to help the visitor to see this unique site through the eyes of an evolutionary biologist.

You will see how the animals and plants are adapted to the unusual habitats of the islands, be able to test yourself on what you are learning, and enjoy the beauty of this very special place.

To accompany you on your virtual journey there will be a number of scientists who have worked on the islands. Through video interviews they will give you a scientific perspective on the formation of the islands, their colonisation and the development of present day habitats. The islands are a living laboratory for the study of evolution and natural selection. However, they are also a prime example of fragile ecosystems that can so easily suffer permanent damage.