Powerful Help System - Jeffrey R Barnett Ii

Powerful Help System

By Jeffrey R Barnett Ii

  • Release Date: 2022-10-16
  • Genre: Art & Architecture

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Prepared mentally, Richard had a conversation with the deadly annoying system in his head, and opened his eyes for the eighth time to consider his new identity, along with a group of subordinates who were crying loudly in his ear. System: The host's current space is called "Love can't let go", his current status in this space is the manager of the biggest black gang called "Flower Flower", the task of The mission is: to raise an orphan, former leader's son, and sacrifice his life in the process of fostering. System: The process of doing the task is difficult and dangerous, please ask if the host agrees to accept it? Richard: I really don't understand what you're asking this question for. System: The form that, no matter what you choose, you can't escape. Simply put, die either way, Richard is not afraid to choose to agree. The group of subordinates called a nurse to check on the body, after a while, he lay back on the bed, based on the basic documents provided by the system, raised his hand to save a few souls, and then gave it to the rest. go out again. The image of "him" in the group of subordinates is very good, not yet opened In the mouth, the two confidants' eyes were red, one of them even knelt down to admit the mistake, "It was our helpless protection that let Mr. Richard in this world is also called Richard, this year is not yet 30 years old, in order to build his reputation, he let his subordinates call "him" "Sir". Mr. Jiang is cautious and confident, but also cruel and cruel. Ten years ago, he was the subordinate of the first person to receive the title of "Hua Yaobang" boss, because a fierce battle took his body.