Exposing The Cruel Truth - Jeffrey R Barnett Ii

Exposing The Cruel Truth

By Jeffrey R Barnett Ii

  • Release Date: 2022-10-16
  • Genre: Art & Architecture

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Faced with the sudden heavy rain, the Z Film Academy students and the cheerleaders were a bit unable to react. Fortunately, this place is full of people with money, the female students are all fondly holding cell phones, gently calling, colorful umbrellas from everywhere gather. Although the male students are not pampered like the female students, their faces need to be on TV, can they be soaked in the rain? Not to mention, the act of running like crazy in the rain is very exaggerated, really unsuitable for students of Z Film Academy --- their future identity as a star. Anyway, this rain comes quickly, also quickly, at this time, if you can't keep your patience, the image will be destroyed. The female students stopped laughing and talked, the male students' faces changed, the students of Z Film Academy all noticed this scene and looked at the reckless hero, and discovered that it seemed to be a… girl? Moreover, she was walking on the street, and even riding… a bicycle! It must be known that, in other universities, it is common for students to ride bicycles, but still, at Z Film Academy the future is an image of a queen and an afterimage, normally only seen of two types: people who sit in luxury cars and people who calmly walk -- - The most taboo is riding a bicycle, it greatly affects their image, how can it be so arbitrary? However, there are always people in this world who are not normal like that. Just like that not far from that sister who was riding a bicycle, she sat on the mattress of the car in heavy rain, rode away. Okay, on the ground the dirt has soon mixed with the rain water to form mud, they were crushed under the wheel by their sister, very tragic, continuing to accept the heavy rain for baptism. "What department is she in?"