Strange Shadow At Midnight - Eric Prestin

Strange Shadow At Midnight

By Eric Prestin

  • Release Date: 2023-01-19
  • Genre: Comics & Graphic Novels

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Seven hundred years ago, in the southwestern border of the central-central continent, on the snowy mountain, snow-covered all year round, a mysterious tribe lived. They settled along the banks of Tuyet Nhan Lake. Therefore, from ancient times, the tribe had a very beautiful name - Tuyet Nhan tribe. The Tuyet Nhan tribe has few men due to their special physique, moreover they are relatively cold, have little desire, so their sexual ability is not high, since hundreds of years, the entire tribe has not more than a thousand people. . The body is soft and slender like a elf, the skin color is white and flawless like a pearl, the hair is white like a snowflake, the mysterious purple eyes are like a lapis lazuli, and the lips are small and tender. like flower petals. What a beautiful tribe as the name suggests. Legend has it that, the Tuyet Nhan tribe is a descendant of a heavenly fairy, a descendant born after a fairy fell in love with an earthly woman, so their natural body carries magical powers.