The Best of the Good Clean Jokes - Bob Phillips

The Best of the Good Clean Jokes

By Bob Phillips

  • Release Date: 2013-08-01
  • Genre: Humor

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A brand-new, eye-catching cover makes this rerelease of humorist Bob Phillips’ Best of the Good Clean Jokes (more than 200,000 copies sold) sure to continue as a bestseller. Organized from A to Z, these amusing anecdotes and outrageous one-liners will keep readers entertained—and help them entertain others—for hours.
Directions: If at first you don't succeed, try looking in the wastebasket for the directions.Operation: A minor operation is one performed on someone else.Prodigal: A Sunday school class was being quizzed on the prodigal son. The teacher asked, “Who was sorry when the prodigal son returned home?” A boy gave it a lot of thought and then answered, “The fatted calf.”
Perfect for teens on up, these crazy quips, clean jokes, and witty observations are sure to garner laughs from everyone within earshot.