Tease - Mary E. Twomey


By Mary E. Twomey

  • Release Date: 2017-04-28
  • Genre: Paranormal

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The promise of a peaceful life can be such a tease.

When October struggles to keep her baby healthy, the Vandershot brothers move in—all except for Von, who is nowhere to be found. Every day that Sama tries to reach her in her dreams is another day she is driven slowly insane.

October is determined to provide a good life for her daughter, despite the reaping that breaks her down a little more each day. But when Terraway twists her body and her brain, the one person she wants to keep close might just be the one who slips away forever.

If you love Bella Forrest, Cassandra Clare, and falling in love with the bad boy, you'll devour the "Terraway" series by Mary E. Twomey.

Tease is book seven in the 9-part paranormal reaper romance series, written by USA Today Bestselling Author Mary E. Twomey.