Business Dating: Applying Relationship Rules in Business For Ultimate Success - Honoree Corder

Want to take your networking to another level? Apply the rules of personal dating to cultivate valuable business relationships like never before!

"If you are in business and want to GROW your business, this book is a must read." (Hal Elrod, #1 bestselling author of The Miracle Morning)

Most conversations with new love interests don't start with the words, "Hello. Nice to meet you. Please take off your pants." And yet, that's exactly how you're handling most of your professional contacts. But how do you create those elusive win-win connections? Experienced networker and entrepreneur Honoree Corder wants to show you a simple step-by-step networking system that's incredibly easy to implement.

Business Dating: Applying Relationship Rules in Business for Ultimate Success shows you exactly how the rules of personal dating apply to your professional relationships. When you take the time to foster balanced connections, you'll build meaningful, long-lasting contacts that yield incredible gains. With the power of true networking on your side, you'll attract better clients and relationships faster than you ever thought possible.

Honoree Corder's mission is to inspire people to turn their dreams into reality, and casting your net wider to make new connections is a time-tested way to accomplish your biggest, craziest dreams. Using Corder's 12X12 System to keep track of your network, you won't just get connected, you'll get more organized in the process.

Business Dating is short on filler and high on content. If you like inspirational, inexpensive, and action-oriented nonfiction that's heavy on wit and charm, then you'll love Honoree Corder's powerful handbook on networking strategy. Perfect for service providers, business owners, and chambers of commerce, you'll come for the down-to-earth writing style, but you'll stay for the invaluable advice.

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